Sprint 3

Hello everybody and welcome to another sprint retrospective blog post. Today sprint retrospective blog post about what I have done during sprint 3. Some of the things we had on our sprint backlog is if we have login information – examine screen code for some examples of screens on AMPATH site. Figure out if we’re getting information to access AMPATH site. If we have time – read more about Angular unit testing – mocking. If we have time – read more about Angular unit testing – mocking. Read mobile angular docs http://mobileangularui.com/docs/. I also sign up for Zeplin and send my information to Greg so he can verify my email. I also kept an eye out for Zeplin shared folder – where designs will be. I also to work on the navigation bar tool for the Ampath project. I created a skeleton for the Ampath project and discuss roles for stories that will about the project. After the second sprint I realize that I was getting more comfortable with scrum. I can now easily now login on to Trello and understand what’s going on and what I can do and what other did and are in the progress of doing. When I finished the skeleton, I posted on Gitlab instead of Github because there wasn’t a repository for at the moment and I was more comfortable with Gitlab. I also lookup more sample of a navigation bar so I can see what features other navigation contains. One of the problems that I have so far was to get the toggle button to drop down when click because the code actually to drop down when hover. I think the scaling of the project is not going to be a problem because I tested the component and it look fine in a iPhone simulator. There were others stuff I think has to be done like adding information and hyper link to the navigation tabs so that when clicked it would navigate to a different view controller. I think design is also important later to make the component more presentable. I also ran the project on a web browser, and it was fine too. During the standup, I got more comfortable with the time schedule. I haven’t missed a stand up. I realize the importance of the standup so that we can keep track on our progress. All in all, I think this sprint all went very well, we got a lot done, I think. I also found many ideas on how to show that link actually works by inserting hyperlinks and navigate to that site. I think it is a good way to show how the component performs. I didn’t have much problem during this sprint and expecting the same going forward. The only problem is that we don’t have access to the service right, but I don’t think its issue because we don’t really need it to have the component to work. This sprint was fun, and everyone was on the same page, until the next sprint retrospective blog