Your First Programming Language

Hi everybody and welcome to another blog post for CS 448 Individual Apprenticeship Patterns. Today topic is going to be about one of the patterns in Individual apprenticeship patterns which is your first language. I learned a lot from this pattern like obtaining my first job will depend on my proficiency in a specific programming language. I started after reading this pattern to focus on one specific programming language which is swift. I chose this language because I been reading other articles and pattern that say to work on something, I going to be passionate about which is creating a fun application. The pattern advised me to become fluent in it, so I been coding problems and reading more about the language daily. I also feel more comfortable after reading this pattern when asking for help. I have always been too embarrassed in the past to ask for help because I felt like I should know how to solve the problem but now I will try to be more open with some of my programming errors but only if I desperately need it. The pattern talks about playing around in an environment with topics that I’m unfamiliar with which I totally agree with. XCode has an IDE call playground where I been just messing around with unfamiliar features and language. I have also been reading more about a testing framework after reading this pattern. I found this pattern helpful because I realize that there are many ways, I can improve in my programming skills. I learned that my first language is very important as a beginner programmer because the first language is going to be my building block for my career and foundation for future language that I will soon be learning. I think after reading this pattern your first language I really change the way I work and code. I have been more motivated to get a strong understand of the language I decided to invest in the most. I found this pattern interesting and I never knew the importance of the first language before because I been using every language and wasn’t focusing on a specific language which causes me to be decent in all of them instead of being proficient in one. All in all, this pattern was very inspiring.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Hi everyone and welcome to another blog post for CS 448. Today topic is going to about the first pattern I’m going to discuss from the apprenticeship patterns which is Practice, Practice, Practice. I choose this to be my first pattern to discuss because I feel like this is what I need more than anything to consistently do to become a better my programmer. This pattern makes me think about how I am practicing programming. I feel like I am practicing just to get better at it which feels more like a chore but after reading this I think I must find a way to fall in love with the practice. The pattern talks about that mostly practice is usually done in work and that’s where we make most of our mistake and we should find ways to separate the two. I couldn’t really relate to this because I never work for a company before, but I feel more confident and less scared when thinking about working for a company one day because it seems like many are learning as they are working in the field. I like that they said that beginners learn from doing and not through lecture because I feel like I am still a beginner and I been practicing the wrong way because I would be listening to lectures more than I should be coding. The pattern gave some great tips on how to practice that change the way I perform now. I will now code more and try to find an environment to code more relax so I can get the most benefit from the practice. I agree with mostly with this because when I first started programming most of the problems that I was doing stress me out because I was trying to meet the deadline and I didn’t really feel like I was learning that much. Everything felt like a blur but when I wasn’t in class no more and started to do and read the book in my own free time, everything started to click so I think is somewhat true. I think the problem is for me is that I not choosing interesting problems or project to practice on, and I will now try to find something I passionate and start working on and develop good techniques. I will also after this to code in an environment where I won’t develop bad habits. All in all, this after this pattern, it changes the way I program now. I learn that I should love practice and not just don’t because I must. There’re many projects that I have in mind that would be to work on. I think this was probably the most important pattern to read and understand.

Chapter 1-6

Hi everyone and welcome back to my first blog post back for CS 448. Today topic is about my thoughts on the book Apprenticeship Patterns by Adewale Oshineye and Dave Hoover. What I thought first from reading the introduction was that I feel like I can relate to Dave story. I never really stop programming since I started but there are many times I wanted too bad because I was having difficulty learning and understanding it. Dave mentioned in his story it wasn’t until he was 26 and found two mentors that his first language finally stuck, and I thought to myself that I was going the right path. I understand programming but I’m not where I want to be yet. I learned that it’s important to pick the brains of other fellow programmers and find mentors to help you through the process of learning to program. Before I was a little shy and embarrassed to ask for help because I didn’t want to appeared stupid but now, I know that many go through the same phase as me and you should always seek help when needed because of it same a lot of time and effort than trying to crack the problem yourself. I also have a new understanding for my role as an Apprentice and after reading the introduction of the book I think I’m a little more motivated because I know what I need to do to improve in my field. Before I was to rely on the school material to get me where I should be, but I think now that school materials can get me so far and I should be more active in programming and get more involved with other projects besides school projects. I love chapter 2 because gave some great advice in programming. I learned that you should have programming that you should be fluent in. Also, this chapter also gave a tip to also ask for help when needed but it’s important to try to solve some problems because it helps us grow as a programmer. Chapter 3 gave to the bits of advice to follow my own plan and that everyone has a different path in their journey to become a master software craftsman. Chapter 4 gave me the pieces of advice to surround myself with people that are better than me because it makes me work harder to learn more.  I never really thought about, but this is true because you are who you are around with. Chapter 5 gave me the advice to figure ways to absorb more information efficiently. Chapter 6 gave me the advice to manage my reading and how important it is. I usually never read any books I don’t was assigned but after readings this part book I would be reading a lot more and keeping track of them too. All in all this book was very helpful and change the way I will how to program.