Sprint 5

Hello everyone and welcome back to another sprint blog post for CS 448. Today blog post is about what I did in Sprint 5. In sprint 5 I focus most of my time working on the presentation. I brain several ideas on what I was going to go over in the final presentation day. During this time, our team was working on a specific feature for the Ampath project. During the meetings we would discuss how we would improve the Application. We would help one another when needed and would advise each other on how to improve the in certain areas. During the project we came into a couple problems because in the beginning as I was creating the project I create it in Gitlab instead of GitHub so that a merging error which we eventually got the project to be converted, thanks to Tim who is a member of our group. I believe the merging and converting took a couple’s days, so we had to wait to push certain commits until the project conversion from Gitlab to GitHub. We are still working on merging our component to the group’s component because the problem that we came across was that the alignment wasn’t right. Also, during this sprint, we were looking into library type things in Angular. We also finished keeping an eye out for Zeplin shared folder – where designs will be. I would also like to say during this sprint we work well together as usual and everyone contribute equally. Mike was working on the drop-down box which he added many cool features. I also had many of the of the meetings on Tuesday and Friday done during this week’s sprint. All in all, I learned a lot from this week sprint 5 like that creating a project and GitLab and trying to paste it in GitHub creates major problems and time to fix. I also learned more about how Angular works by working on this Ampath project during this week. I am also improving on working as a group in scrum while working on this project during this week sprint 5. I think the plan for next week is to finish up on the presentation and have a working polished project to present. I believe that we will have those requirements by the end of the next sprint. To finish up this blog post I would like to go over the objectives for this week sprint 5. First, to get the presentation started and have a template of ideas. Second, we would also be close to finished with the application because we were approaching the end of the last sprint week. Finally, to learned more on Angular applications.


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