Find Mentors

Hi everyone and welcome to another apprenticeship pattern blog post. Today apprenticeship blog post is going to about find mentors which I think is important because I’m doing the same thing in my new internship. I realize when you new to your craft or job it’s important because to always ask a question and help when needed and there should be someone you can count on. I agree with this pattern because when working and you come across a problem and have no idea how to fix it, you will need guidance and that will be your mentor. I think the best way to learn is to listen to those who have to be there before. I also agree that everyone will always find a mentor because I think there always someone that is willing to help anyone new that needs help. There might even be more than one mentors that will supervise an apprentice for example in the new job I have many people helping when I have trouble with a problem. I also agree that real-world apprentices have to scratch and claw their way into the lives of master craftsmen and are grateful for whatever attention they can get because I think that some mentors don’t if you want to learn or not so I think it always best to ask question and try to shadow the mentors as much as possible. I agree that when finding a mentor, you shouldn’t expect the mentor to know everything because no one does, and you are still walking the long road too. I like how the actions give a good tip on finding a mentor because it’s important to find the right one especially one the is patient with you. All in all, I think this apprenticeship pattern find a mentor is helpful and important. I know when I first started my job, I was looking for a mentor to help me when needed and I lucky to have a few that is patients with me. I feel like it was really important because I don’t think I can progress fast without taking the knowledge of others.

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