Sprint 4

Hi everyone and welcome back to another sprint retrospective blog post. This will be the fourth sprint retrospective blog post of this semester. During this sprint number 4, we had many objectives completed. We added some new features like the hyperlinks to the database so that when the tab has been clicked it would navigate to the new link. We reformat the whole prototype so it would look more cleaner and more better-looking product. We decided on what device we were going to scale the application to which was an iPad mini. The scale will only look exact on that certain device and not any other because we haven’t made that a priority. We are just waiting to have a working finished prototype before thinking ahead and making the applications more universal. The styling was easy, once we decided the font, color, etc. Every meeting we had went smoothly as we discuss the future of our component. There some of the stuff that we are still working on like moving the Trello issues to GitHub and investigate the library type things in Angular. So far have been using a device simulator to test the applications as it is the closest thing, we can to think of to test it. We did more research on mobile angular documentation so we can benefit from the perks that mobile angular has to offer. We added a couple of new stories to our sprint backlog. First, as a developer working on ng2-amrs I need to learn about testing in Angular so I can write tests for our new code. Also, as a developer working on ng2-amrs I need to watch the provided YouTube tutorials on the #ampathoffcial Slack channel, to get a better idea about what kind of web applications we’re building. I also started working on the PowerPoint for our presentation because we are almost coming to the end and finishing our application. We also finished some of doing task which we move to done column like for example we moved keep an eye out for Zeplin shared folder – where designs will be to done folder and sign up for zeplin – send info to bio Greg – verify email. There is some other task that we are also working on the side like figuring out the mocking database, duplicating amrs service – possibly using json file to store data. All in all, we are almost finish with the ampath left navigation bar application. Everyone in the group so far has done a good job contributing to the project. We doing a good job coming up with new feature to add to the project every meeting we have. We can very familiar with the method of scrum now and see why it is a great system when working with a group because it keeps everything organize so things will move smoother. I also like to mention that I like where we are at in the project and happy with how the product has turn out so far.

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