Learn the basic

Hi everyone and welcome to another CS 448 blog. Today blog is going about study the classics which is one of the apprenticeship patterns by Adewale Oshineye, Dave Hoover. This blog is a simple pattern which helps me understand the importance of learning the basic. This pattern is about constantly updating your knowledge about the field and making sure you have a strong foundation on the field. After reading this apprenticeship patterns I realize that I should ask where the sources of information are coming from when trying to understand a subject from a person. Most of the time when I don’t understand something that is being talked about, I usually just ask the individual to explain the details in more depth but now I understand I should ask the person where they had discovered the information so I can learn it. I think the biggest problem I have with advancing my skills in programming is that I don’t read enough. After reading this pattern I decided I going to make a reading list to further my knowledge in programming. I like how the pattern points out that there a reason why the classic books are kept and are important to learn. This change the way I judge classic textbooks and now I more interested in them. Most of my books are updated so I haven’t look at any old books yet but I disagree with this pattern a little because some of the books like programming books always have to be updated so the classics wouldn’t apply but I can see other books like theory having classic book that can still relate even in today times. All in all, I think this apprenticeship pattern study the classics is important to the pattern because it explains the importance of understanding the classics while using modern tools. After reading this article I learn to read more, and I change my view on reading. I always feel like watching videos and doing projects was enough, but I now realize that you have read more of both classics and modern book to further my knowledge in the programming field.

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