Sprint Retrospective Blog Posts 2

Welcome back everyone to another CS 448 blog post. Today topic is going to be about the second sprint retrospective. This second blog post is going to about the recent actions that I been learning in the class, the work and work products that I am producing during the second sprint. The second sprint was very informative we worked on researching many topics that can potentially relate to our projected plan like Angular testing, Ampath, etc. During this sprint, I already had the Ampath to run on the personal computer but there were a few group members that were having minor issues when building the Ampath project, so I prioritize some so my time towards having Ampath running on every member in the group personal computer. I research many of Unit testing for Angulars like Karma and Protractor and found it important to learn for a solid foundation when testing in Angular. There was really much work again during this sprint as we were waiting for more information about objective for the Ampath project but meeting on this sprint we finally got some clarity in the project. We added more task in our sprint backlog like figuring if we will get access to Ampath on our computers, keeping an eye out for Zeplin shared folder and finding out more about mocking the database. There were also some videos from Gregory Schmidt that we had to watch which I finish which gives the main idea on which we should create during this semester. I found these videos easy to understand and after I feel more anxious and clearer on what must be done. I saw that Gregory Schmidt was developing an android application and now curious if we can create the Ampath application in another platform like IOS. My thoughts on the project are that the project will be a simple application that records and stores data. I will be continuing to do more research on this project during the break and found out more about the developing environment and programming language that we will be using. I researched briefly on how to save data into a database and I found that in IOS developing you can use SQL to create a database and then import the database into the swift project. I believe that you can probably apply the same concept with another other environment and programming language. Other than this information, I really haven’t done any significant towards the Ampath project. Also, if anyone is still having trouble getting the Ampath project to run on their personal computer just follow the lists of steps that I and the members of my group posted on slack. During the sprint, our group work well and perform great together as a team. I learned a lot of important information about testing and application development during this step. I am planning on applying some the stuff that learning in application developing in Swift towards the Ampath project. All in all, this is what happen and the things I learned during this sprint.


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