Learn how you fail

Welcome back everybody to another Apprenticeship Patterns by Adewale Oshineye, Dave Hoover blog post. Today pattern is to learn how you fail which is about how we should gain knowledge from our failure. I agreed with this pattern context that failure is inevitable. I believe every successful person failed more than they succeed. I think that failure can be anything from programming to any day life activity. When reading this pattern, I realize that I have a lot of daily life fail goals. I will prioritize the fail and figure what is worth solving. I learned that it’s important to gain self-knowledge about the patterns, conditions, habits, and behaviors that lead me to fail. I disagree that we should consider cutting out losses and accept that there will be some things that we are not good at. I believe that some things that are out of our control should consider cutting loose but things that just requires more effort should always be work on to fix. I think it’s important to set unrealistic goals every day so you can push your boundaries. Even though I different thoughts on this patterning method to set realistic goals, I can envision that setting accomplishable goals can be more effective than setting unrealistic goals. This method will result in many failures but that will have many benefits as well when progressing to be a better version of yourself. After reading this pattern I am more aware of the way I now work. I feel the need to go over my failures and evaluate them. I found this pattern useful but very familiar. Even though this pattern was very brief, I still think it’s important for every programmer to review. This pattern made me realize that setting too many goals and I should be more focus on the worthy ones. I didn’t physical do the action exercise, but I don’t the main objective of the activity when reading it. I think the main idea of the action is that error is inevitable. All in all, this pattern learn how you fail is worth reading and change the way I work.


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