Today blog is about a brief introduction on angular. This article starts off explaining what a scope is. This was not new to me because I have a little background in programming but I assuming this part of the blog is for people who is just started programming and pursued angular as the focused. The definition of angular in this article “a structural framework for dynamic web applications, made in pure JavaScript.” What does structural framework mean? I didn’t know at first, but this article explains well, it’s states that “angular is a structural framework because it allows us to use HTML as a template language and extend its syntax to express the components of the applications in a cleaner and simpler way.” Basically, I think its take complex syntax like HTML and converts it to a simpler format. AngularJS uses MVC where whatever is changed in the controller is updated in the view. It’s appropriate to use AngularJS when the it is a large application, when you need a good structure, when you need a robustness, and when the application is complex. The controller is a tool that Angular provides. A controller acts as the middleman between various views and models. The web view or mobile view is the user interface, it’s what the user sees, and the model is the database. A module is a gives structure to an application because it acts as “a container for controllers, services, filters, directives.” I learned that it reusable and doesn’t require to run in any specific order because it can slow down the execution time and it great for unit testing. There are also two types of service, Factory and Service. They both services are ways to create an object. After reading this blog I learned a little more about Angular. This article was helpful but didn’t have much example of the topic which I would like because some topics I wanted to know what its visual look like. All in all, this article was helpful, and it changed the way I look about this topic Angular because it seems more complex which I will research further but for now this is all.


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