Static Testing Vs Dynamic Testing

This blog is about Static testing vs dynamic testing. Static testing is when the code is not executed. It’s when we manually check the code, requirements, and design to find errors. The main objective of static testing is to find errors in the early stage of the development cycle to improve the product. Dynamic testing in the other hand is when the code is being executed. Its testes the software system, memory/cpu usage, and the overall performance of the system. The main objective for dynamic testing is to confirm if the overall of the product, perform as expected by validating the output with the expected result. This can be done with black and white box testing because either method just requires comparison with the actual and expected value.

I think both testing methods are both useful. Static testing is for more for early stages of the software projects in my opinion after reading this article because it seems like this method revises the code and   making comments and documenting errors and potential problems.  This is useful because it allows to transition to dynamic testing later when we get to execute the actual program and there’s less errors and more problems that we aware of because of static testing, if we are using both methods to test a software.

I now like static testing a lot more now after reading this article because we get to review the design and the requirements which will make the product better. Making changes early and finding defect will save on cost. Making sure the everything is clean before the actual work is my ideal testing because it saves time and headaches when actual implementing the program when finding errors.

I think dynamic testing is more straight forward because you are really testing the actual output with the expected output and find the error if the two output don’t match. Doing this for every module is having them all pass assure that the product is completely running as expected. This method is used more by me because I think it’s a lot quicker to run the program and find the error if outputs don’t match and fix it but after reading readings this article I am assure I will be doing both for my future projects because static testing will save time. I think of it as if I static is writing pseudo code and dynamic is coding. In conclusion, both are useful methods and are used to improve a software product.


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